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How to Write an Essay like an Equation

This book is for busy people who need simple solutions for all types of writing: 

  • people who need to write at work; 

  • students who struggle with writing; 

  • students whose professors don’t (or can’t) teach writing; 

  • students preparing for college entrance exams; 

  • international students who need to prepare for Western writing; 

  • high school teachers preparing students for college; 

  • home-schooling parents who want to provide excellent instruction; and 

  • anyone who craves the “one right answers” of writing. 


In this book, you will learn about the following essentials of writing: 

  • Audience

  • Purpose

  • Genre

  • The BLUF

  • PEE Paragraph Structure

  • Content-Lexical Ties

  • The Paramedic Method of Editing

  • Sentence Boundaries

  • A Practical Style Guide

  • Diction

  • The Writing Process


Each chapter concludes with thought-exercises and writing activities to reinforce and build on what you learn.

Become Your Own Fact-Checker

This brief guidebook explains common misinformation strategies, how to recognize them, and how to ethically apply them to persuading others:

I wrote this book for:

  • people who want to be well-informed but don't know which news sources to trust;

  • teachers who want to teach media literacy and rhetoric;

  • and anyone who cares about facts, truth, and being well-informed: 

Readers will learn about:

  • the difference between assertion and argument; 

  • emotional appeals and their effects on logical reasoning; 

  • appeals based on credibility and how to determine trustworthiness; 

  • the value, use, and limits of skepticism; 

  • the nature of belief and how this nature should factor into our thinking; 

  • the rhetoric of polarization in its best and worst forms (mostly worst); 

  • how to spot Fake News stories and "deep fakes" even when they look real; 

  • how to recognize and ethically use the 13 most common "logical fallacies;" 

  • how to argue ethically and effectively; 

  • and how to use “audience-based rhetoric” to persuade the seemingly unpersuadable. 

Eric Sentell, PhD

About "How to Write an Essay like an Equation"

By teaching you to write like you’re doing math, I hope to help you thrive in an economy in which 97% of business executives rank writing as “very important.” I also hope you will join the many students who have confessed in their course evaluations, “I used to hate writing, but thanks to Dr. Sentell, I actually like it now.”​

About "Become Your Own Fact-Checker"

To understand an issue, you have to learn as much as possible it. Who has the time? Fortunately, you can learn how to fact-check news and "fake news" without becoming an expert in everything. To learn this skill, I had to get an MA and a PhD in Rhetoric, teach rhetoric for over a decade, and publish scholarly research articles. You just have to read this short book. 

Get a feel for my writing and learn about memorableness here

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Reader Reviews

On "How to Write an Essay like an Equation" 


If you pick up any other book on writing it is long and drawn out. It complicates things and you leave not understanding what you just read. This book isn’t like that. Not only is it short, but it is easy to comprehend. I am a college student and I don’t have time to scour the internet for an explanation of how to write. This book is easy to read and comprehend, short and cheap. It is totally worth the money. My only complaint is that I didn’t have this earlier in my college journey!!


About Eric

MA in English: Composition & Rhetoric

Missouri State University, 2009

PhD in English: Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse Studies

Old Dominion University, 2014

The titles of my degrees are fancy ways of saying, "I learned about writing and how to teach it." They don't tell you, however, that I fell in love with teaching while at Missouri State and continue to love it after a decade-plus. I have grown so much as a person thanks to learning how to evaluate and use rhetoric, and I'm passionate about helping others communicate cogently, see through arguments, and form sound judgments. 

I've taught developmental and honors students, at community colleges and universities, in urban and rural areas. I've published several articles in my field, plus many essays and creative works. My diverse experience, research, and writing honed my understanding and teaching of writing.

Learn more about my research here and here


In my books, I offer straight-forward, empowering explanations for busy people who need to write better at work or school, who want to guard themselves and others against misinformation, or who hate writing but must do it anyway. 


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