Become Your Own Fact-Checker So You Can Correct 30% of Americans

Almost 3 in 10 Americans think Coronovirus was made in a lab, according to the Pew Research Center.

With all of the news coverage of Coronovirus and COVID-19, it's hard to imagine anyone not knowing everything about the virus and its origins. Yet a non-trivial number of Americans believe false information. Why?

We want to understand what's happening and to feel in control. We become invested in ideas that we'd consider to be crazy if we weren't desperate for the world to make sense. This is why correcting the misinformation often fails to change our minds.

Our best defense is to not believe misinformation in the first place. Yet that's easier said than done. Issues are complex, and we don't have the time to become experts on all of them. My solution is to understand the strategies of misinformation so that we can recognize them and discount those ideas and sources rather than falling prey to them.

Even if we don't fall prey ourselves, we also need to recognize and understand misinformation strategies so that we can help others stay well-informed. We can even turn those misinformation strategies on their head to help us persuade those who think drinking bleach can kill Coronovirus.

If you'd like to learn how, then check out "Become Your Own Fact-Checker: How to Decide What to Believe in the Clutter of News, Noise, and Lies." You're trapped inside anyway, so why not read an ebook that can help you figure out which COVID news to trust?

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